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The History of Women for the Kingdom 

We'd begun our women's ministry in a small way and for several years had held a weekly women's meeting in someone's home, where we studied the bible, shared and prayed for one another, and whilst this had been good, we felt we needed to move on into something new and develop further.

It was in September 1995 during a time of seeking God for the next step that the vision for the ministry of Women for the Kingdom was birthed in answer to a question heard on a tape: "What do you want the ministry to be like in 3 years' time and what are you going to do in the next 12 months to get there?"

This was a challenging question and our answer was that we wanted to see women develop in confidence and reach their full potential in all that God has for them.

We began to hold whole-day events on a Saturday and invited speakers to come and minister to us. This was quite a venture for us, but we took a step of faith and the first event was held on Saturday 14 January 1995, when our theme was "Women Who Know God". 40 women attended, not just from our own church but also friends from other churches, and the day was a tremendous blessing - in fact the presence of the Lord was so wonderful, no-one wanted to leave!

We continued to hold these day events every six months or so throughout 1995 and 1996 and God continued to bless and encourage us. We felt there was a need in the women who were coming, to worship and fellowship together, and to minister to one another. We discerned that there was a hunger amongst us for more of the Lord.

It was around this time that several women from our church went to a Women's Conference hosted by another church, and this was to prove a life-changing experience for us. We attended two other conferences and grew more and more in confidence until we felt that we could put on our own weekend. We knew there was a hunger among the women in Norfolk and God was challenging us to meet this need.

So in May 1996 we took another step of faith and presented our first Women for the Kingdom Weekend at Letton Hall in Shipdham. God gave us the following aims for the weekend:

  • to set aside time to sit at Jesus' feet
  • to see women develop in confidence
  • for each one to know her place in the body
  • to help and encourage one another to move out in God-given ministry
  • to enjoy fellowship and promote unity across denominations
  • to be built up and equipped to reach out to a needy world

55 women attended that first weekend, from many different churches, and it was a very exciting time for us. It was both a privilege and a blessing to see God working in so many women's lives. We experienced women being healed, set free and encouraged in their faith, as well as seeing ministries develop and blossom as confidence grew and people stepped out in faith.

We then wondered what God wanted us to do next - did he want us to do three weekends? As we prayed and sought God, we felt that he wanted us to continue - we'd started but needed to build on the first weekend.

So for the next two years we continued to hold weekends at Letton Hall, praying and trusting in God, being obedient and willing to take risks in him. We continued to invite a different speaker each year, who would bring a different emphasis of ministry. At every weekend, God poured out his Holy Spirit and met needs in women's lives. Each year we witnessed healings, deliverances and women being touched by God - each year it seemed that these weekends were becoming like an oasis for women with busy lives to set aside time to focus on their relationship with Jesus. Our prayer was always that each woman who came would have an encounter with Jesus, that each one would not leave without receiving something from the Lord, and that each one would be refreshed, restored, encouraged and built up.

Three years had gone by and we were asking the Lord - what now? He answered by showing us that he wanted us to enlarge our vision. He spoke to us from Isaiah 54:2, "Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes."

We felt he wanted us to continue taking steps of faith for him, to trust him for more women to come to the weekends. Up to now we'd felt our capacity was up to 55 women, but now he was challenging us to go up to 70. He also spoke to us about the speaker for the following year - we'd had the teacher, the pastor and the evangelist - now it was the turn of the prophet. As we prayed and asked him about who we should invite, he began to challenge us about doing the ministry ourselves! This was a huge step of faith for us and yet it felt right. The Lord told us to speak about women prophets in the bible.

God was continually challenging us about coming out of our comfort zones and taking risks for him. Each year there was a different step of faith. That first year of giving the ministry ourselves was like a giant step to us! Yet God blessed us incredibly in being obedient to him. We had the largest number of women attending so far and the weekend was a tremendous blessing. The momentum was growing year by year. We were seeing women grow in confidence and developing in their ministries, stepping out in faith and taking risks in God. Others were blessed just by being able to take time out of their busy lives to be in this oasis in an atmosphere of worship.

The year 2000 was another turning point for the Women for the Kingdom ministry. Again, we had more women attending, to the point that we were feeling cramped at Letton Hall. God challenged us yet again to move out of another comfort zone - Letton Hall - by saying to us, "Behold I will do a new thing" (Isaiah 43:19). Whilst we were a bit sad to leave the intimacy of Letton Hall, at the same time we were excited about the new thing that the Lord had for us.

So for the year 2001 we held our first weekend at St Gabriel's Centre, Ditchingham and believed God for 100 women to attend! This was again another huge step of faith but God honoured it - 104 women came! We had a tremendous time of worship, fellowship, prayer and ministry.

It has been exciting to see the vision unfold and the ministry become established and not restricted to just holding annual weekends. We believe the ministry has gone beyond this, as we have also held several celebration services in different locations. We have held three Women for the Kingdom Conferences in Bangalore, India, during the Together for God mission team visits each year since June 2000 and we pray that God will enable us to continue this ministry to our sisters in India.

We are a group of ordinary women who want to do great and extraordinary things for God. We have grown in confidence and taken many steps of faith, but God has honoured each step we've taken. We are aware of our limitations, but know that as we come to him in humility and emptiness, he "is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us", Eph 3:20. Our prayer is that we will continue to attempt great things for him as he enables us. We give him all the glory for everything he has done through the ministry of Women for the Kingdom.

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