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I had the great privilege of attending the Women for the Kingdom conference in India and here in Norfolk, UK for 2 years in 2000 and 2001.

In India
As an Indian I found it great to serve the Lord in my country. I felt spiritually challenged when I saw the faith that people have in Jesus.

At the one day Women for the Kingdom Ladies conference in India it was a time of giving and receiving from the Lord. In the year 2000 conference nine ladies gave their hearts to Jesus and 25 the following year.

I can never forget a lady who desperately wanted to be filled with the Holy Spirit and came for prayer and when we started to pray she began to speak in tongues straight away. It was amazing to see her face after we finished praying.

At the end of the conference I really enjoyed praying for people. The team would stand at the front and people would queue up to get prayed for (normally for a very long time!) They push each other to go forward to get prayed for and are not shy to say their prayer needs loudly in front of people (even if it's a personal need). They just don't seem to care if other people around them hear their needs as long as the prayer is answered by the Lord.

The ladies conference weekend here in UK is a time of refreshing and receiving from the Lord. I really enjoyed the last two years and I felt it was time for me to sit at the Lord's feet, especially after my visit to India. I went with ladies from our church and we had a great time of fellowship with each other and meeting Christian ladies from other churches too.

Life can be so busy at times at home, work etc. But to take time away from these distractions and spend the weekend in the Lord's presence was great. I felt refreshed and ready to face the world with the Lord's strength.

The food was great too!

Flora Nundy

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