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Women for the Kingdom 2000 at Letton Hall 

Letton Hall had always been a place where I had met powerfully with the Lord. Some sixteen years previously when as a young Christian I had first attended a Christian meeting there, I had been baptised in the Holy Spirit, and subsequent meetings at Letton had also been significant in my Christian walk. It was therefore quite a special place to me.

I was thus looking forward to the Ladies Weekend in 2000 for many different reasons. It was the first time that I had spoken at a conference, so it was with a combination of nervousness and excitement, that I approached the weekend. I was not only aware that the Lord had given me a message to bring, with the subject for that year "Surrender," based on Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, but knew that He wanted to do a work in my own life too.

There was an area of my marriage that I knew did not line up with the Word of God. It was something that I had been praying about for a few weeks. I spoke on the Saturday morning, and encouraged the ladies to write down on a blank piece of paper the area of their life that they felt Jesus wanted them to surrender to Him, then tear the paper up and throw it away, leaving the Lord to work the thing out in their lives. As I spoke, I knew that this was what I had to do too, so after the meeting that was exactly what I did.

As the weekend progressed, I knew the Lord was talking to me. On the Sunday morning, I decided to have a walk outside, to get a breath of fresh air, and to reflect on what God was doing in my life. It was only a short walk, about five minutes, but during that time, I knew that He had changed me. The weekend was a great success as far as I was concerned, and I was blessed not only to have the privilege of ministering God's Word into peoples' lives, but also having it worked out powerfully in my own life too!

Angela Pye

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