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Hands up who loves sprouts?? 

Me for one. On arriving at St. Gabriels for the October 2001 Women for the Kingdom conference, I was not in the best frame of mind as I had not had a good year. My husband's sister had been killed in a road accident in Australia in July, and many other things had gone wrong for us during the year. So in many ways I was not looking forward to the conference, not even sure if I should be there.

However, God is good and knows exactly how to get through to us!!

Arriving at the dining room for our first meal together I was greeted by a smell that took me back almost 20 years, yes you've guessed it brussel sprouts! The smell was exactly the same as I remembered coming from my nan's kitchen on a Sunday and yes the taste was even better. I had not tasted sprouts like those since my nan had died, and oh boy I did enjoy them.

Looking back it was as though God was saying, "Hey if I can look after little things in your life like sprouts, then I can look after the bigger things."

From that point, the weekend got better and better. I attended a workshop on the Saturday afternoon called "Drama in Worship"; it was about having a freedom to wave scarves during worship and this opened a complete new chapter in worshipping God to me. I came away from the weekend with a new freedom in worshipping God, a freedom which I have been able to use in worship to God in my church.

God has continued to do many things in my life this year but I will never forget what a blessing those sprouts were!!

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