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God planted a small seed, the Holy Spirit watered it, and it grew to be the Women for the Kingdom Weekends.

After returning from a women's weekend held by another church we met together as a group of women to discuss what God had spoken to us about during the weekend.

I was very excited. God had challenged me in many areas of my life, but one particular area he had shown me through the life of another woman who had spoken at the conference. This woman the previous year had been content to sit in the background, doing a useful job with the P.A. but not sharing in the preaching or ministry of the weekend.

These weekends were held outside our area, and God challenged us as a group of women - what about the women in your area, step out, trust me, you can do it, start your own weekends.

God gave us the vision for the Women for the Kingdom Weekends. The first weekend was more than exciting as we prepared for it, trusting God that women would want to come to our weekend, but the excitement turned to nervousness and tension as the weekend arrived.

I wasn't sure what God wanted to do, and if he wanted to use me in it.I wasn't sure that I was able or capable to be used by God.

Then I felt that special feeling, more than a feeling, an assurance in my heart that God was with me, with us as a team, with the women who had come to the weekend.

God showed me at that weekend that he had many plans and purposes for my life, but I needed to trust him, to give him the control of my life. The first Women for the Kingdom Weekend was a life-changing experience for me, the start of an ongoing work in my life. From being a woman with many emotional problems who was very dependent on others, I have moved on to become part of the Leadership Team of Watton Pentecostal Church heading up the Children's Work, and preaching in the church. I am part of the ministry team of Women for the Kingdom, and also part of the Together for God team which has been to India, where I have also preached.

I know I still have a long way to go, I still have many barriers to pull down, but I also know I have the assurance that God is with me, he is for me, he loves me and he wants the best for me.


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