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"Auntie, Auntie!"

After initially feeling there was no possibility of ever joining the team going to India - I prayed! Then God made it clear to me that I was to go to India in 2003, through the Headteacher of the school I work at. He wanted me to create a cultural link with KMPC school in Bangalore so released me from school for the last two weeks of the term. It was a great experience - visiting the school, orphanage and taking part in the Women's Conference in Bangalore, visiting the Women's Project and speaking at a gospel service in Mysore and at some local churches.

My most memorable experiences were: at the school, being greeted by many children shouting "Anti, Anti" (Auntie) and wanting their photos taken; being given 150 children to talk to and telling them about the link with the school where I work; going into the classrooms and telling them bible stories and taking conversational English classes; and receiving a link trophy from Pastor and Mrs Jackson.

At the orphanage: being shown around the orphanage - and receiving such a warm welcome; sharing the story of Noah's Ark, children wearing their animal masks and making a banner - chaos but fun! Seeing the children being served their meals, at the end of our time with them, instead of the children having to queue and wait. This was due to money that was taken out enabling them to buy more serving dishes etc; and being prayed for by the children - a moving and humbling experience.

At the Women's conference: having the privilege to share during the day and praying for the Indian women.

June giving her Mother's sewing machine

At Talitha Cumi - the Women's Project: hearing the testimonies of the women - the most emotional experience ever! And giving my mother's sewing machine to the project.

Going to India has changed my outlook on life and I thank God for the opportunity and would encourage all to go if they feel God is leading them to do so.


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