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God works in different ways

This year's Women's Conference was to be different in several ways, one of which was that there were more of our Indian sisters speaking during the day. One of these was an evangelist from Madras, and the other was Joycelyn, the daughter of Pastor Francis Jackson. Joycelyn attended Christ for All Nations Bible College in the USA and now ministers regularly in Mount Zion Pentecostal Church. Joycelyn is also involved in a ministry to destitute women in Bangalore.

One of the things God has taught us during our mission trips to India is patience! Quite often we have to sit and listen to someone preach in the Tamil language without any English translation. Whilst we were sitting listening to our Indian sister preaching, although I couldn't understood what she was saying, I was aware of the power of God coming through her to the congregation and I could see from the women's faces that her message was inspiring them.

Next to speak was Joycelyn, who spoke in English (for which Terrie and I were very grateful) and her message was translated into Tamil. Joycelyn spoke on how we can become women of influence, a message full of truth and practical guidance for women to take hold of and apply to their lives.

Then I spoke a message about "Walking in Victory", related to experiences I'd had since being in India and how God had helped me gain the victory through some particularly difficult spiritual battles and physical problems.

The end of the day was very different this year. It had been decided to have an anointing service to close with and the other speakers, Terrie and I were asked to anoint our sisters with oil. Going down the lines of women, anointing them with oil and praying for them was a very moving experience. During this time the worship leader sensitively sang a particularly anointed worship song, and we were aware that the Holy Spirit was moving powerfully in many women's lives. It is at times like these that we count ourselves privileged to be used by God.

Praying for our sisters is a moving experience and a privelege

Never one to miss an opportunity, I made an appeal for salvation and it was our joy to see 25 women respond and accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. What a mighty God we serve!

Tina Pawsey

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