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Who knows you might have been called for such a time as this?

I had not known initially if I would be able to afford to go to India as part of the Together for God Team, but God provided the money for my husband and I both to go. In our preparations for the trip we had grown close together as a team, we relied on each other, encouraged each other, loved and cared for each other.

Terrie preaching the word of God

And God had been preparing me as an individual; as I studied and prepared to give the word he had given me for the Indian women, he spoke into many areas of my life, healed hurts and told me I was beautiful.

The day arrived - it was the first Women for the Kingdom Day Conference to be held in Bangalore, India. This Women's Conference was a special day for all of us as a team, and especially for me as an individual.

The day started with Flora, one of the women on our team who comes from Bangalore, dressing us in our saris. I felt very nervous, but as Flora dressed us, the nervousness seemed to go, and I was filled with excitement and anticipation of how the day would go.

We had been told there could be several hundred women at the conference. We are very different from the Indian women in many ways, our skins are different colours, our cultures are very different, but we are all women, and we were women ministering to women.

I preached from the book of Esther - 'The beauty preparation and God's call on your life.' Esther is told by Mordecai - "Who can say but that God has brought you into the palace for such a time as this?"

One of our Indian sisters, Annul, interpreted for me and the other speakers and after we had all shared what God had given us, we prayed for the Indian women. Annul encouraged me as I prayed with the women, praying into many difficult and heartbreaking situations. Annul also became a special friend and sister to me.

  • God provided the money for me to go to India.
  • God gave me the strength while I was in India.
  • God provided my sisters to care for and encourage me.
  • God called me to India for such a time as this.

Terrie Thomas

Terrie and her special friend Anal

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