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Sunday 22nd 2012

Roger was not allowed to go out today and was told to rest. The rest of the team visited churches for their morning services.

Lydia went to the church of Pastor C. Paul which was a two and a half hour drive away. She noted that there were incredible improvements in the building compared to the last time she visited. There was also an increase in the number of people, with about 60 people attending. There was a good response to the message and some people wanted prayer for baptism in the Spirit.

Vic and Fredrick went to the church of Pastor Rajan. There were over 200 people there there was a great response to Vic and Fredrick's messages. There were many needs among the people and Vic prayed for each family. There was a coconut tree outside the church and some of the young people climbed the tree and got 3 or 4 coconuts down for Vic to enjoy.

Jon and Tina went to the church of Pastor David. This church was quite nearby and was the church which a TFG team prayed for at the church's dedication service in 2001. Tina spoke about church members being living stones and Jon spoke about the Word and the Spirit. There were about 60 people present with a good number of children. The majority of people responded for prayer at the end of the service and one person became a Christian.

In the evening Vic, Jon and Tina prayed over the foundation of a new church building of Pastor Joseph. Then there was a rooftop service at the current church building, where most of the congregation were children and young people. People were very enthusiastic and responsive. Each of the team spoke and the messages were tailored for the youth. After the service the team was served with a delicious supper.

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