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Friday 4th Feb 2011

The team ministered on the final day of the pastors conference. We felt that we had made new friends during the three days of ministry. Alan preached first and laid the foundation for others to build upon. Vic preached next and asked Iain to sing a song, Vic was followed by Lydia. Then Bishop Francis Jackson spoke followed by Roger who led into the anointing ceremony. Before Roger Pastor Jayachandran presented each of the team with a decorative plate that was traditional in Tanjore.

Alan in full flow

Lydia sharing about Jacob

After the service we said goodbye to Bishop Jackson and most of the team from Bangalore. We also said farewell to Nick who is flying home and to Grace who is going to spend some extra time with her family.

The evening gospel meeting was terrific Lydia preached the gospel based on God's love followed by Iain singing a song written by Neil at Watton Church. Roger preached ecouraging Christians to move into the love og God. When he asked for a response everyone in the building stood to confirm the promise that they would give time to move closer to Jesus over the next few days.

Lydia with Pastor Jayachandran interpreting.

Please pray:
         1. For a safe journey and protection for the team

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