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Tuesday 1st Feb 2011

The team had an easy day today in the morning we visited the Palace in Tanjore. Tanjore is one of the oldest cities in India, one of the first kings of India ruled the whole of India and several countries beyond from Tanjore. Simon recovering from an upset stomach rested in the hotel room.

The tour of course started with some shopping in the shop in the Palace grounds. Inside the Palace were many Indian figure statues and exotic decorated ceilings. Roger led his men to the top of a Tower (110 steps) and he led them down again. There were some lovely views of tanjore and the surrounding countryside from the highest point we were allowed access.

A team at the Palace

intricate pictures around the walls of the Palace

Picture from the tower

The team went for lunch after leaving the palace in a lovely hotel. Fredrick had a meal traditional to Southern India.

A happy Fredrick about to eat

The team suffered another meal in a five star hotel

After lunch Fredrick, Alan and Lydia went to another part of the Palace, while the rest of the team went to visit Grace's old boarding school. Grace said that many memories came flooding back as she met old teachers and a class mate who now works at the school.

Fredrick, Alan and Lydia also enjoyed their guided tour.

Very grand part of the building

Ceiling decoration

Alan and Lydia in the grounds

Simon joined the team for the evening meal and was feeling much better.

Please pray:
1. For the Pastors conference and gospel meetings Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

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