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Sunday 30th Jan 2011

The team went to three different small rural churches. Vic and Iain went to Pastor Simon's church. Alan, Lydia and Simon went to another church, and Roger Nick and Grace went to Pastor Samuel's church.

Vic and Iain ministered in the church and were very touched by the plans that Pastor Simon has to build a new church. Many people came forward for prayer at the end of the service.

Pastor Simon's church

Vic with Pastor Simon, his wife and 3 daughters, and 2 grandchildren

Alan, Lydia and Simon visited a small church on the edge of Sankarapuram. They had a great time Simon gave his testimony, Alan preached and prayed and closed the service. The team prayed for many people after the service, and some people said that they had been healed.

Lydia praying for a lady

Alan praying

Picture with the pastor and his family

Roger, Nick and Grace visited the church of Pastor Samuel and at the end of the service there was a very powerful time of prayer.

Sunday evening we had permission to take a gospel meeting in village. Grace gave a testimony in Tamil, Iain sang a song, and Roger told a story and preached a gospel message. Possibly ten people responded to the message and many people received prayer after the service. Pastor Simon then took the team for an evening meal prepared by his wife.

Please pray:
         1. For a safe journey and protection for the team

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