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Saturday 29th Jan 2011

After breakfast the team set off for the believers open service at the conference centre. There was praise and worship from the worship team from Bangalore and a number of other people from local churches brought a song.

Vic preach first followed by Alan. There was more singing and then a young peoples dance group performed two dances to Christian music. They were lovely and you can watch the group and see the messages to the churches at the video collection.

Roger preached and made an appeal to believers and everyone stood in response. Roger prayed for everyone and then the team prayed for everyone individually. Several people said they were healed.

At the very end of the conference the team were garlanded by local pastors, which is a custom to honour guests.

Vic preaching

Alan preaching

The dance group performing

Roger telling people about God's love

people receiving prayer

Iain sang a song

Each of the team were garlanded

The evening gospel meeting was cancelled because it was not possible to get the necessary permission from the village president. The team were disappointed but thankful that we had been able to visit 3 villages in the previous evenings.

The team went to a restaurant for a meal and then had an early night.

Please pray:
         1. For the meetings tomorrow when the team splits and goes to              three churches.
         2. For traveling mercies on Monday as we travel to Tanjavore

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