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Friday 28th Jan 2011

This was the final day of the pastors conference.

The speakers for the final day were Alan, Lydia, Vic, Fredrick and Roger. The conference ended with an anointing ceremony where everyone who attended the conference was anointed with oil and received the blessing of God including the team from England. This was followed by prayer for anyone who wanted it.

There were several people who said that they had been healed in that prayer time. This included two people who had been blind.

Rebecca and Antony singing at the conference

In the evening the team went to a different village for what was the third gospel meeting. Fredrick was very surprised that the gospel meeting was allowed to take place right next to the hindu temple. Iain sang a song and then shared some of his story about his belief in God. Then Nick stood up and preached about Zacchaeus who climbed a sycamore tree so that he could see Jesus when he passed by.

Nick asked people if they wanted to come to Jesus as Zacchaeus had done. About twenty adults and twenty children responded and came forward. The team then prayed for each person who had attended the meeting one by one.

After the meeting we once again ate indian food in a restaurant. We thank God for all he has been doing including the continued good health of all of the team members.

This lady said that she was able to see clearly after prayer

Part of the congregation at the gospel meeting

Grace as an interpreter for Iain

People responding to the gospel

The team then went back to the hotel in high spirits for a debriefing session after a wonderful day in which God revealed his love and grace.

Please pray:
         1. For the meeting on Saturday which is open to everyone
         2. For the evening gospel meeting that it can go ahead
         3. For Sunday when the team will split up to visit three churches.

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