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Thursday 27th Jan 2011

We set off for the conference centre and was pleased that more Pastors were in attendance than yesterday . Vic opened the preaching followed by Nick, then Simon, Iain, Alan, Lydia and Roger.

All the pastors received prayer before the team had lunch with the pastors.

Simon sharing the word of God

Iain sharing with Pastor Rufus interpreting

The evening gospel meeting was in a village called Varagur with the permission of the village president. The meeting was held in the road which was closed by the crowd. Lydia told her story, Iain brought a song and Alan preached the gospel.

An auto-rickshaw traveling through the congregation

The crowd close the road

Lydia sharing her story

Iain leads a song

Alan preaching the gospel

When Pastor Rufus asked how many people had asked Jesus into their life for the first time, and about fifty people raised their hands. One Lady was set free during the time of prayer. All the people present received prayer at the end of the service.

The team were thrilled with the results of the days work.


Please pray:
         1. For the open meeting on Saturday at the conference centre.

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