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By Nick Nundy - We should have a high opinion of ourselves without pride in ourselves but being proud of what Christ has done for us

STUDY - October 2001 - Jude, the neglected letter
By Roger Pawsey - This letter has much to say to today's church. It is particularly relevant for our times.

STUDY - September 2001 - Releasing Forgiveness
By Roger Pawsey - "Everyone says that forgiveness is a lovely idea until he has something to forgive" C.S.Lewis

STUDY - September 2001 - releaving or releasing stress
Some tips on how to deal with stress - By Roger Pawsey

STUDY - September 2001 - The Village Pastor's Simple Guide to the Distinguishing marks of the Holy Spirit
By Roger Pawsey

STUDY - September 2001 - A Parents Guide to BULLYING
By Natasha Pawsey

STUDY - September 2001-The Bible, the Created World and Modern Science
By Don Ainsworth

STUDY - September 2001 - Some scientific and Christian perspectives concerning human birth and abortion.
By Don Ainsworth

STUDY - August 2001 - A village pastors simple guide to the Tabernacle
The study looks at the layout and the furniture of the tabernacle and their significance.

STUDY - August 2001 - The Village Pastor's Simple Guide to the offerings of the Tabernacle
A look at the five offerings of the Tabernacle.

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