The Village Pastor's Simple Guide to the offerings of the Tabernacle

Hi, Its nice of you to visit with me. Let me begin by saying this is not an academic's study this is a simple guide to the subject. As a village Pastor, I have no university or academic background and have only the reference books within my personal library to formulate the study, which are listed in the bibliography, and the sermons that I have heard. There is nothing original within the study, in fact it's all been said before, but I hope after reading this simple guide you will be better informed and have insights that are revelations from God as you read. Now may the Lord of Glory bless you as much in the reading as He has me in the writing.

The Tabernacle


There were five principal offerings in the tabernacle and these were given to Moses from the erected tabernacle at the foot of mount Sinai. The Lord had filled the tabernacle with his presence (Exodus 40:34-38). The cloud settled upon and covered the outside of the tabernacle, while on the inside it was filled with the glory of the Lord. It was from here the Lord gave to Moses the 5 principle offerings that were to be given. This is recorded in Leviticus chapters 1 - 7, they are listed in some detail in chapters 1 - 5 as follows : -

chapter 1 the Burnt offering
chapter 2 the Grain or meal offering
chapter 3 the Peace or Fellowship offering
chapter 4 the Sin offering
chapter 5 the Trespass or Guilt offering

The five offerings fall into two classifications; the first three being offerings given when in communion with God. They are offerings of worship and could be called sweet-savour offerings. They were a sweet and pleasant fragrance to God that gave him pleasure, they speak of fellowship, worship, surrender, acceptance, and satisfaction. They were burnt within the camp and were given freely, a freewill offering given to God. The second two were given for communion with God and were a sacrifice for sin. These were not the sweet smelling savour because they spoke of sin and were obnoxious to God. They were not burnt upon the altar of God but outside the camp. The offer came before God as a sinner, confessing his sin and seeking forgiveness. He was commanded by God to bring them to obtain pardon, the sense of sin and guilt being prominent.

In addition to the detailed explanation given in chapters 1 - 5, God then in chapters 6 & 7 changes the order, to the order he requires them to be performed in. The peace or fellowship offering is taken from third place and positioned last. It may be that God is saying to us that the peace offering does not cause us to make the sin or trespass sacrifices that gain communion with God but rather comes from the consequence of communion with God. Let us deal with them in the order they were to be observed.

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