The Bible, the Created World and Modern Science

Questions you always wanted to ask but could find anyone to answer!

Dr. Donald Ainsworth

(about the man and his credentials)

Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

1. How does the Bible explain the relatively young age of the earth compared to that given by Evolutionists?

2. How does the Bible explain the unique catastrophic flood

3. Are there any other ancient documents referring to a catastrophic flood outside the Bible?

4. What was the significance of the flood according to the Bible?

5. Why did God judge the world so severely?

6. Why did God spare Noah from this judgement?

7. How was Noah spared from being killed in the flood?

8. How big was the Ark to be?

9. How would the Ark cope with the violent seas and storms?

10. Would the Ark be big enough to hold representatives of all the land creatures?

Frequently Asked Questions Part 2

11. How long did it take to build such a massive Ark?

12. How did the animals all find their way to the Ark?

13. What are animal instincts (God given) towards adversity?

14. How did animals, like Kangaroos, travel from Australia to the Ark?

15. How did Kangaroos get to Australia after the flood?

16. Wouldn't dinosaurs and mankind coexisted in those days, therefore?

17. How did the animals adapt to time and conditions on the Ark?

18. How did the animals survive without food and water?

19. Would there be sufficient stored food and water for the flood's duration?

20. Wouldn't the animals instinct of fear of carnivores prohibit their coexistence on the Ark?

Frequently Asked Questions Part 3

21. Wouldn't the animals have reproduced on the Ark?

22. How could only 8 people look after themselves, and all the animals on the Ark, properly, over all these months?

23. Where did all the flood water come from to cover all the earth?

24. What exactly does the springs of the great deep refer to in geological terms?

25. Do the "floodgates of the heavens" refer to a monsoon like deluges?

26. How can this combination of catastrophic events be explained?

27. Doesn't this mean that our planet's make up before the flood was signifcantly different from what it is today?

28. What difference would this make to life on earth?

29. How did our our present conditions come about?

30. What happened to all the flood water then?

Frequently Asked Questions Part 4

31. What other changes occurred at this time?

32. Has it not been calculated that there is not enough water in our present oceans to cover all the mountains of the earth even if ocean basins were raised to present sea levels?

33. In a nutshell, how is life on earth different from that prevailing prior to the Flood?

34. So far much has been made of the supernatural and miraculous intervention of God in considering the Flood and Noah's Ark. If this is so then does it not sound altogether unreal?

35. Can aspects of the Flood be tested scientifically today?

36. Have there been any similar floods in recent times?

37. Is there any geological evidence to support the Genesis Flood?

38. Where can such stratafications be observed?

39. Are fossil records consistent with a Biblical Flood?

40. What about the evidence from large animals?


41. What about dinosaur fossils?

42. What evidence is there indicating massive amounts of water flooded the earth?

43. What other effects were caused by all this water?

44. Wouldn't the earth itself show evidence of disruption if water burst upwards through it's surface as in Genesis 7:11?

45. What other effects collaborate this?

46. Isn't there much evidence implying that the earth and it's various crustal formations are immensely older than a straightforward Biblical interpretation allows?

47. How can an intelligent person have any doubts about accepting an ancient creation from such evidence?

48. Will you explain this more clearly?

49. What kinds of approaches can be used as "chronometers"?

50. What is the difference between them?


51. Can you illustrate the problems involved in dating processes?

52. Isn't carbon dating different and not subject to such problems?

53. What about non-radioactive dating methods, don't they indicate an ancient earth?

54. Surely in this day and age the theory of evolution offers a much better explanation of the world origin and development?

55. Haven't scientists shown in the laboratory how the basic building blocks were created by natural causes?

56. What about the breeding of animals and plants by scientists to the point where most of them differ from their wild ancestors and are superior in some way?

57. Surely "Darwins Finches" on the Galapagos Islands are proof of evolution?

58. Even so, isn't the Theory of Evolution a reasonable scientific theory which explains so much scientific fact?

59. In conclusion, what does the creation/evolution controversy boil down to?

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