The Answers to Part 4
The Bible, the Created World and Modern Science


31. Although in poetic language Ps 104:8 tells us that "the mountains rose, the valleys sank down". (Not all modern translations use these words in translating the poem). This means, clearly, that significant terrestrial changes occurred, and, surely, significant plate tectonics.return

32. Yes that is true. However, since the Bible (see 31 above) tells us that these mountains (many, incidentally, with marine fossils) rose to their present heights since the Flood and, then, clearly they were not as high before the Flood and, anyway the continents did sink somewhat (see 24 above).return

33. Our present world has a basically uniform cycle of seed time and harvest, cold and hot, winter and summer, night and day (Gen 8:22). Then, it was one of low-lying, fossil-free and ice-free mountains with rainless skies and universally warm and humid climate and shallow seas. Also the water vapour canopy would affect the cosmic and solar radiation which no longer occurs to anything like the same effect. The consequences of these will be addressed in subsequent questions/answers.return

34. This assertion is not a fair, nor accurate one. Yes, God, not surprisingly, played the major part in this unique and momentous event in History (as He did with Moses, Elijah and, supremely in Jesus, besides numerous other instances both within and without the Bible). However, I have referred to migration, hibernation, estivation, fossil evidence, etc. all of which are "natural" and observable today. Furthermore, the Bible account does not claim that God made or created an Ark for Noah. Rather material substances, natural processes, and human talents already available were utilised.return

35. Yes. Apart from the specific miracles mentioned in the Biblical account, which were necessary to begin and terminate this period of global judgement, the Flood accomplished it's work of destruction by purely natural processes which can be studied in hydraulics laboratories and in local flood situations today. When the enormous masses of water were released from the sky canopy and came up from the ocean depths began to move upon the land, they obeyed all the known law of hydrodynamics. The velocity, direction of movement, erosional effect, etc, were consistent with similar occurrences today.return

36. Since God promised He would not repeat His judgement in such a catastrophic way (Gen 8:21,22) all subsequent floodings have been through natural causes - much smaller but often very destructive none-the-less. In 1970, an avalanche of water, rocks and mud rushing at 1100 m.p.h. down the Andes, totally buried the Peruvian cities of Yungay and Ranrahirca with 14,000 inhabitants. Also in the 1970's a 25 foot high wave driven by winds of 100/150 m.p.h. in the Bay of Bengal rolled over the crowded Ganges Brahmaputra inter delta. Estimates put the death toll near 1,000,000 people with 3,500,000 homeless over a 3,000 square mile area.return

37. Yes, a great amount. The law of hydrodynamic selectivity concurs that a flood of that magnitude, with its vast complex of sedimentary saturated contents would produce horizontal, superimposed layers of materials, selected by the moving waters according to their specific gravity and sphericity. As each current of water slowed down and deposited it's load, another current would come from a different direction, carrying different types of materials, depositing them on top of the first layer without disturbing it. Thus, as various currents moved across the earth during the months of the Flood, a great series of sedimentary strata would be formed in various parts of the earth, in some cases to depths of many thousands of feet.return

38. One of the most spectacular of these effects are visible in the Grand Canyon in Arizona. This gigantic formation is in some places more than 5,000 feet deep, 25,000 feet across and extends for more than 100 miles. As far as the eye can see, thick, horizontal deposits of various types of sediments rest upon one another from the bottom of the canyon to the top.return

39. Very much so - and the records support this much better than the evolutionary uniformitarianism theory! These geological strata contain the fossils of billions of plants and animals. Such comprehensive large scale fossilisation is not occurring anywhere in the world today, e.g. when fishes die in the oceans they do not sink to the bottom and become fossils - they either decompose or are picked to pieces by scavengers.return

40. These also give a startling illustration of a great catastrophe striking this planet especially the deluge from the old canopy collapsing. Four or five million mammoths and other large animals were destroyed in the north polar region - many of them frozen instantly and preserved whole and undamaged - some while standing or kneeling upright. Animals as large as mammoths would require scores of pounds of food daily and there were many millions of them in this region where very little vegetation grows today. Furthermore in order to freeze animals of this size without forming large crystals within their body cells, temperatures of 150 degrees below zero would have to descend upon them instantly.return