The Answers to Part 3
The Bible, the Created World and Modern Science


21. No! Not even rabbits! It was not until after Noah brought them out of the Ark that God commanded them to do so (Genesis 8:17) Return

22. The gathering and caring of the animals could only occur as addressed in the earlier questions, through God's supernatural intervention, but such interventions have similar parallels in the other miracles in the bible, as indicated previously. Return

23. Two principal sources. The bible tells us (Genesis 7:11) that the water came from both above and below the earth, i.e. the "floodgates of the heavens" and the "springs of the deep". Return

24. This refers to the uplift of ocean basins, accompanied by enormous explosions of suboceanic and subterranean magmas and steam coupled with a corresponding sinking of continents. A terrifying and enormous catastrophe - unique and supernatural. Genesis 9:8-17 and Isaiah 54:9 tells us that God has promised never to repeat this awful calamity with its destructive and devastating effects. Return

25. Far worse than that! Genesis 1:7 refers to "waters which were above the firmament". This is believed to be a colossal transparent vapour canopy that existed only during the antediluvian period- It required six weeks for this water to pour down upon the earth! (Genesis 7:11-12) Return

26. Yes the bible says that the two principal sources of the flood started on the same day. It was God alone that could cause both events to occur simultaneously in overturning the delicate balances of the primeval continents and oceans (cf Isaiah 40:12) with such devastating effects for our world (2 Peter 3:6). Return

27. Yes! The "world that then was" is how 2 Peter 3:7 refers to it. The major difference was the encapsulating water canopy around the earth. Return

28. Many. The two major ones we would notice immediately would be the absence of rain (Genesis 2:5-6), instead a mist watered the earth. Also there would be a marked greenhouse effect so no great variations in climate around the planet - thats why winds aren't noted until after the flood (Genesis 8:1) as the temperature differences on our planet were not large enough. Return

29. Again by God's supernatural intervention - otherwise the earth would have been covered by water for ever! That would have been the end of terrestial life for ever and not according to God's plan.Return

30. According to Genesis 8:2-3 God reversed His previous actions which would include not only preventing more water accumulating but also the returning of the ocean basins, deeper now though, to accommodate the "canopy water" as well, and serve as a vast reservoirs for this. This permitted continents to emerge from the oceans.Return