The Answers to Part 1
The Bible, the Created World and Modern Science


1. As a consequence of the catastrophic flood brought about by God's reaction and judgement of the wrong doings on earth. Although some of the facts about earth (radioactive dating and paleontological strata) appear to indicate an older earth these can be explained scientifically (later questions in this series). Even so when Jesus miraculously produced more bread and fish (Mark 6:41-44) for the 5000 people and wine (John 2:7-10) at a wedding. The "mature" bread, fish and wine was no different from that taking, normally, years to produce!return

2. God was dismayed with the wickedness and sinfulness on earth and decided to get rid of those responsible and make a clean start once again with Noah and his family who, unlike Adam and Eve, were aware of the problems and consequences of evil and wrong doing. God did this supernaturally just as He delivered Moses and the Israelites from Egypt eg. feeding them in Exodus 16:31; or Jesus walking on water supernaturally (Matthew 14:25). Jesus and other New Testament writers confirm the flood (see Matthew 24:37-42; Luke 17:26-27; Hebrews 11:7; 2 Peter 2:4-5; 2 Peter 3:5-6 etc.).return

3. Yes: The (Babylonian) Gilgamish Epic, Tablet Xl, of ca 2000 - 1700 B.C. contains the flood narrative and the Sumerians also had (an older) legend of the flood as revealed on a fragment of a clay tablet found at Nippur.return

4. Thankfully God is not only almighty but is a God of love, peace and righteousness. He desires people to live in His ways. Sin is simply the rejection of this as evidenced in selfishness and wrong doings. The flood was God's judgement upon sin and is comparable in magnitude and significance only to the final judgement of the world. You can see this by reading Genesis 8:21 - 9:17, Matthew 24:37-42 and 2 Peter 3:5-7.Return

5. Wickedness, corruption and violence were so great and widespread and were not getting any better. A fresh, clean start was necessary with the few "God fearing" family of Noah. (Genesis 6:5, 11&12)Return

6. Because Noah was a righteous and blameless man and, most importantly, sought to live in God's presence (Genesis 6:9).Return

7. God told him and gave instructions, to build a massive "boat" or Ark that would be able to withstand the imminent flood (Genesis 6:14)Return

8. Approx 450 feet by 75 feet and 45 feet high - bigger than any other boat built until the end of the 19th century!Return

9. Engineers agree that the Arks dimensions and structure were admirably suited to ride out the seas and storms for the year of the flood! Brunels great ship "Great Britain" had dimensions with ratios almost the same as the Ark.Return

10. The size would be equivalent to 52 frieght trains each with 10 box cars - enough to hold some 1,000,000 animals as estimated by modern taxonomists!Return