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In a 1997 Gallop poll, 74% of the general public were opposed to abortion on demand! Many people, however, remain torn between feelings of compassion for the unborn child and the welfare of women and their families.

It must be recognised, however, that abortion hurts women as well as their unborn children. Abortion may seem to be the kindest thing to do but all it does is to take away one pain and replace it with another. This is the verdict of many women. Some women will become pregnant again quickly - trying to compensate for their "lost" baby. There is also evidence that some women may have difficulty in relationships. Some may turn to drink or drugs in a bid to dull the pain of unresolved grief.

CARE FOR LIFE is a Christian Organisation which exists to serve, support and encourage caring Christian initiatives that provide practical alternatives to abortion. CFL has now over 100 centres nation-wide, with many more in the planning stage. These centres offer a range of facilities including free pregnancy testing, counselling, befriending, adoption schemes, accommodation, telephone helpline, nursery/play school facilities etc. Above all, they offer love at the point of crisis, a caring commitment to women including those distressed after an abortion or miscarriage.

CFL have also produced a training manual and video plus other literature including a newsletter. They support training days and seminars plus help with advice. Increasing numbers of churches are beginning to face up to the challenges to prevent abortion through prayer and caring action. The local pregnancy crisis centre can be located by contacting:-

CARE FOR LIFE on 01256 47730
or at 1 Winston Square,
Basingstoke, RG21 8EN
(Fax. 01256 851528).

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