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For the Christian, human life is a sacred continuous "Process" from conception, through pregnancy, birth, growth to adulthood and on to natural (or accidental) death. To deliberately destroy an innocent human being at any point after conception is, in God’s eyes, a wrongful killing (the biblical exception covering justified killings are strictly limited). Therefore "discarding" spare embryos, terminating a pregnancy by dismembering or poisoning or prematurely inducing the delivery of a foetus, starving the new born handicapped or deformed child to death (or giving a lethal dose of a powerful drug to end the earthly life of an elderly or incurably diseased person) are all prohibited by the teaching of the Bible. They are all acts which intentionally destroy innocent human life, and such acts are forbidden by the sixth commandment. Christians therefore oppose abortion, embryo disposal, infanticide (and euthanasia).

 baby girl at 5 months  baby boy at 8 months

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