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ethical questions
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  • Abortion
    by Keith W. Munday - Abortions have become an accepted feature in society, but the 'for and against' debate continues.
  • Abortion.
    By Don Ainsworth - Some scientific and Christian perspectives concerning human birth and abortion.
  • Alcoholism
    by Keith W. Munday - If alcohol came on to the market as a new drug, it would probably be put on prescription.
  • Bullying
    By Natasha Mee - A parents guide to bullying
  • Child Abuse
    by Keith W. Munday - Child abuse has become a major social issue. It happens in all kinds of homes and institutions, including Christian ones.
  • Drugs and drug use - a Biblical perspective
    By Ian Bruce - Becoming a Christian does not guarantee immunity from problems or danger.
  • Ecology and Animal Rights
    by Keith W. Munday - Green issues are no longer exclusively the concern of conservationists and hippies which they once were.
  • Euthanasia
    by Keith W. Munday - The word euthanasia comes from the Greek language en thanatos which means a happy or gentle death.
  • Evolution
    by Keith W. Munday - I can fully appreciate how anyone educated in our present culture, and exposed to our media presentation must feel that it is both orthodox and scientific to believe in Evolution
  • Genetics
    by keith W. Munday - Genetic engineering was until comparatively recently something of a sci-fi horror story. However, dramatic developments in the last decade have brought the issue out of the 'X Files' and into the headlines.
  • Law and Order
    by Keith W. Munday - Every country has its judicial code, and has had from primitive times.
  • Morality and the Clergy
    by Keith W. Munday - A disappointing phenomenon of recent years has been the moral failure of many Clergymen.
  • Pornography and the Media
    by Keith W. Munday - There has been a mounting evidence from teachers, social workers, probation officers, doctors, paediatricians, psychologists, police and the prison service....
  • Suicide - A Christian Perspective
    by Keith W. Munday - What causes people to want to take their own lives? There must be some strong compelling force to bring them to such a final and irrevocable decision.
  • Transsexualism
    by Keith W. Munday - Transsexualism is a rather more complex phenomenon than is often realised, and it sometimes has a medical or psychological motivation as much as a sexual one.
  • War
    by Keith W. Munday - War is a complex subject. There are varied attitudes to its ethics, and they differ, not only in society as a whole, but also in Christian thought.