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Why Write about Prophecy?

1 Cor.12:1 "Now about spiritual gifts, brothers, I do not want you to be ignorant."

Frankly I do not want to be ignorant about spiritual gifts, especially prophecy. I have noticed the difficulty that churches and Christians experience with prophecy and can only conclude that ignorance has made many fearful and that the gift of God poorly administered has damaged many. Fear may be likened to yeast in that it only takes a little for the whole loaf to rise.

I see that Christians in western society are in danger of throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath water.

Therefore I have committed myself to write this document so that I may put into order my own thoughts and experiences with prophecy, and thereby gain a greater clarity about how I should be working in and with the prophetic.

I don't claim that there is any new teaching or that there is some incredible insight in what I am writing. Neither is this a complete or comprehensive view of the prophetic, nor do we look at biblical end times prophecy, which I think has an unhealthy aspect in that it can become a self-absorbed study with doctrinal dangers.

Rather this is something of a journey in determining what I actually believe about the prophetic and how the church may use the prophetic in a healthy and edifying manner.

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