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Suicide - A Christian Perspective continued....


The lady previously mentioned in the attempted suicide case suffered from loneliness, and that is a situation which is multiplied many times across the country and it is as acute in urban areas as it is in rural areas.

Society, and certainly the Churches should be aware of this and seek out those who are obviously living lonely lives. The Church with compassion should be ready to provide a place of friendship and fellowship.

The young man who failed his University examinations could have been counselled that a failed examination does not make him a failure as a person. Many famous people did not do well in their early education. The teacher of Einstein despaired of his work and said that he would never really accomplish anything. The late Sir Winston Churchill is reported as being hopeless with his Latin studies.

The middle-aged man who found no meaning in life and had lost his self-esteem is but one of many who are suffering from a sense of meaninglessness. The Christian Gospel is surely the antidote for such a condition. Upon repentance and faith in Jesus Christ a person's dignity is restored and our true identity revealed ie, we are created by God and His son died for us(8).

The disappointed bride could also have been shown that broken romance is not the end of everything, neither does it mean that she was a failure. When Jesus spoke of being born again9 He inferred that whatever has happened in the past, by putting our trust in Him life can really begin again.

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