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Suicide - A Christian Perspective continued....


There was a lady who suffered an illness that caused great pain, but when questioned after she attempted a suicide which failed said, 'I could bear the pain, but it was the loneliness'.

A young man failed his University examination, and that was a traumatic disappointment. All his hopes were dashed and he wanted to end it all.

A middle-aged man for whom life had lost its meaning was asked whether he had considered the sorrow to his family that his suicide would have caused, replied, ' they wouldn't miss me'. He had obviously lost all sense of self-esteem.

The fourth case was of a young woman whose wedding was called off at the last minute.

Although some attempted suicide bids are just a call for help, they must all be taken seriously. Some years ago in Britain there was a strike of junior doctors, and while they absented from work the number of attempted suicides dropped significantly, showing that some people make a serious enough gesture to attract medical attention, but they are not willing to risk the ultimate if help is not to hand.

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