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Race Relations

By Keith W. Munday

Now that Britain has become a multi-race society, and asylum seekers and immigrants are seeking residence here, the question of race relations assumes a place of importance on the national agenda.

The subject is a very sensitive one and any attempt to address it, make suggestions or offer opinions, opens up a veritable minefield of prejudice, bigotry and misunderstanding.

The Christian Church however is well-placed to contribute to the debate, seeing that it is possibly the largest international organisation in the world, embracing so many different races, nations and cultures. The New Testament clearly shows that there is no discrimination in its membership (1) . It transcends national barriers (Jew and Gentile), gender barriers (male and female) and social barriers (bond and free) and added to this is the Church's record of its missionary personnel working alongside other nationalities for years. Immigrants too find a welcome in our Churches, being received not just as strangers, but as esteemed brothers and sisters in Christ with all the full rights and privileges of Christian fellowship.

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