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Political Correctness

By Keith W. Munday

The phrase political correctness originated in the USA and is defined as follows: " The avoidance of expressions or actions that may be understood to exclude or denigrate groups or minorities traditionally perceived as disadvantaged by e.g. race, sex,disability, class, political alignment or sexual inclination; the use of alternative expressions intended to be non-discriminatory".

Few people would object to those sentiments. To uphold the dignity of every individual, particularly the disadvantaged is indeed laudable and is heartily endorsed by Christians. The crunch comes however when the sentiments are interpreted. The definition is so worded allowing an arbitrary application and could even be manipulated on occasions by people who had a hidden agenda, e.g if they were frivolously seeking compensation.

Political correctness has caught on in Britain, and in a subtle kind of way it is promoting a Word-police force. It has inveigled its way into places of authority, such as Government departments and local councils etc. some of whom have censored or banned certain books from libraries, or suggested alterations in future editions. In one London borough it was reported that a teacher refused to read from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet to her pupils as they were in a heterosexual relationship, which reflected adversely against those in a homosexual relationship!

All official advertisements for vacancies are usually framed to comply with P.C requirements. One business man tried tongue-in-cheek to advertise for a female secretary, but could only state that he wanted a secretary, but added that the applicant must look nice in a blouse!

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