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By Keith W. Munday

People take various attitudes to nudity. Some are severely shocked by it; some think it is juvenile, while others view it with mild amusement The majority do not embrace it, but it is enjoying a growing popularity.

The naturist movements began in the early part of the twentieth century and within a decade or so they it followed in the USA. These groups usually regulate their adherents' behaviour by strict rules which seek to outlaw eroticism, although no one can monitor the thoughts or motives of individuals and what effect their life-style has on their sexuality.

The proponents do suggest that disrobing enables them to shed their inhibitions as they share the nude experience. It also helps them to forget their problems. Some outsiders however may feel that it could also be viewed as causing them to lose respect for one another.

Way back in the '60s a group of hippies were converted to Christianity in California, USA. The writer was invited to visit their summer camp in Big Sur just off the Pacific coast. There was some surprise when it was announced that the nearby lake would be available for swimming to the boys and girls at different times. It sounded as though they were putting the clock back in such permissive times; but they had good reasons for doing so. It was pointed out that the hippies had been living with drugs and in promiscuity for some years and were being introduced to a new and Christian life-style, and an important feature was that they learn to respect one another, and even the wearing of scanty swim-wear might hinder the process. They all, without dissent accepted the temporary discipline.

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