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Morality and the Clergy....continued


There are some positive suggestions for all of us to keep from temptation, or resisting it when it comes.

First there is always the need for vigilance. Even those who think it could not happen to them. The Bible cautions against such an attitude. It says. 'Let him that thinks he stands, take heed lest he fall'(15). King David of Israel was known as a man after God's heart, but he fell into adultery, and tried to cover it up by arranging for the death of the woman's husband(16).

Secondly, it is always good for a clergyman to keep in regular contact with his peers. Aloofness can bring temptation, and temptation succumbed to can bring aloofness. Spiritual men should note any symptoms and indications that a fellow minister is going astray.

Thirdly, it is a great help to develop what might be called a 'friend-in-God'. One who is on the same wave-length, and with whom confidences can be shared; opportunities too to discuss problems and even share weaknesses.

It was said of an eminent pop-singer when found himself getting into drugs, that his climb back to normality started when he picked up the phone and shared his problem with a friend.

Men of the Cloth are marked men and are particular targets for idle gossipers and also Satan the enemy of souls. The apostle Paul, that outstanding Christian Leader wrote to a friend requesting prayer. How much more do we need prayer today?

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