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Ecology and Animal Rights continued....


There is a statement in the book of Genesis showing that animals too contain a 'living soul'.(13) We often overlook this. They were accorded by God at creation the right to make use of the planet's resources for food, just as much as Adam and Eve were, and they deserve therefore to be treated with respect and compassion.

Peace in the animal world is also one of the marks of the Messiah's millennial reign,(14) but does the Bible present all creatures as of equal worth in God's sight? The plain answer has to be no. Jesus explicitly places man higher than the sparrows at the pinnacle of his ethical teaching,(15) and the Psalms stress the subjection of animals to humans.(16)

There is no theological ground for vegetarianism then, although increasing numbers of people are refusing to eat meat in protest at the brutality of some modern farming methods.

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