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Another important factor is that Jesus became human and took on the form of a Man - not that of an evolved animal. Evolution denies that man was made in the image of God! It destroys mankind's uniqueness and his responsibility for sin. No animal can be responsible for sin.

Jesus was a real historical figure, heading up and bringing life to a new spiritual family, just as Adam was a real historical figure that headed up and brought death to the family of Man. Creation, as in Genesis, is the great foundation for all we believe about Man, his origin and destiny, his sin and salvation. It gives us the true value of a person in spite of our sin.

The denial of special creation has bred a philosophy of despair and reduced the purpose of life to a struggle for survival and without destiny. It makes the issues of abortion, euthanasia and genetic engineering so much simpler if man is just an animal.

Finally please realise that true science is not an enemy to Christianity, but rather reveals the genius of the Creator. These are some of the reasons to believe in Creation.

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