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Perhaps the biggest compromise for Christian leaders is that of Theistic evolution - the idea that God created the world, but used the evolutionary process. This is not what Genesis says or allows. It is also out of keeping with the revelation of God in Christ Jesus. Would He use such a cruel, inefficient and wasteful process as evolution?

May I remind my readers that the mechanism for Evolution is Natural Selection, survival of the Fittest, adaptation, mutations (which are random mistakes or abnormalities) and that death is an integral part of the process! The late Carl Sagan, the evolutionist, whose programmes were constantly presented on TV, said, 'it is only after the death of millions of inferior creatures that you and I are here'.

The Bible depicts death as a curse because of man's sin. Jesus came to destroy 'him who has the power of death(6). Christians joyfully declare that Jesus is Lord of Life and Death and 'has the keys of death and hell(7). Death was not part of Creation's mechanism.

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