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As Christians we believe that all knowledge is under God, and, while the Bible is not a scientific textbook, it will not contradict, mislead or be inaccurate in areas of science, astronomy, history and archeology etc. God is not the Author of confusion - neither is He is a confused Author. If God did not mean what He said, why did He not say what He meant?

There are those, who, with the best of intentions, say that the Creation stories of Genesis are just symbolic or picture language. This is very dangerous ground, and poor Bible exegesis. Jesus believed the Creation stories, basing His teaching about marriage and the character of Satan from Genesis(1).

So do also the writers of the New Testament when teaching about husband and wife relationships and the nature of temptation(2). New Testament theology compares Jesus the second man, to Adam(3). Christian believe that Jesus was the Creator, as part of the Trinity(4).

I would advise those who have been affected by evolutionary teaching or intimidated by the barrage of evolutionary presumptions (even in TV commercials) that as you think about origins - look at Jesus. He could just speak the word and it happened. Like the Roman centurion, we need a revelation of what can happen when God speaks(5). When God completed Creation on the sixth day He could say again that it was good, and it did not need modification due to unforseen circumstances!

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