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Euthanasia continued....


The 'thin end of the wedge' is a well-known cliche, but there are times when it is very apt. The 1967 Abortion Bill is a classical example of this. It laid down very definite instructions governing who should receive an abortion. These instructions are now almost totally ignored and the proverbial 'coach and horses' has been driven through its original intentions. When a door becomes ajar it doesn't need much of a push to throw it wide open. There is little doubt therefore that the same could happen if euthanasia became law. However stringent conditions are at the outset, time will either see them weakened, amended or ignored.

There could also be a subtle shift in the doctor/patient relationship. The 'angels of mercy' might be perceived to be taking on a more sinister role, however well -intentioned it may be.

But there are other considerations, human nature being what it is. What if a relative who was caring for a loved one began to feel it was all too burdensome, could not the suggestion of euthanasia be planted into their minds? The same situation could arise from more ulterior motives ... especially if one was to benefit from a Will, and any who have been involved with Wills will know that some people have an insatiable desire to come into money, and would not stop short of influencing in some way a premature decease.

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