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Euthanasia continued....


Pressure groups are still seeking to get such a bill on the Statue book. In Britain at present euthanasia is illegal, as is its aiding and abetting. It is allowed in the Netherlands, but there are strict guidelines. It is only allowed to resident citizens and their doctors must fully acquaint themselves with the whole history of such cases. In Switzerland however, their attitude is the most liberal of any country. An organisation known as Dignitas is allowed to assist in self-administered euthanasia (suicide) to any who request it, including foreigners.

In September 1991, The European Commission on Human Rights stated that "Wherever a sick person in perfect clarity of mind strongly demands that an end be put to their existence when it has lost all meaning for them, and a committee of doctors, recognizing the unavailability of any other treatment, euthanasia should be granted".

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