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Euro Ethics

By Keith W. Munday


It all started so innocently. The European Economic Community (EEC) was formed in 1956, and it had six member-States including France and Germany. They were particularly concerned that such a Community would ensure that Europe would never again destroy itself by war. They also decided to initiate a free trade area.

It was 1973 before the United Kingdom joined, and this was endorsed by a countrywide Referendum in 1975.

By 1992 however, the EEC had become the European Community (EC) with its single market and removal of restrictions on movement between their countries. The Maastricht Treaty later called on the member states to encourage economic integration and closer union between the peoples of Europe. There then followed another change; the EC became the European Union (EU). It agreed to abolish border controls and form a common Foreign and Defence policy.

Index to the Topic
Euro Ethics
The Monetary Issue
But what will be the consequences
Jesus and Currency
The Bible and National identity
Trends that reverse the principle of national sovereignty
Inherent Dangers 

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