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Euro Ethics... continued


There are undoubted advantages gained through co-operation with others, but there is always the fallacy of thinking that might is right or the bigger the better. In this respect even democracy has its limitations although we accept it as the best form of government that we know. Winston Churchill wryly remarked, "Democracy is the worst form of government apart from all the others!" It works on the principle that the majority is given the voice and power to carry out its decisions. But what if the majority is wrong? History has often been made to take a different turn through the pressure groups of minorities, particularly on moral issues.

G.B Shaw cynically yet truthfully commented that "democracy counts heads, despite what is in them!" Although the democratic system in general makes for fairness, in a secular and godless society it can actually promote unrighteousness. If "God is for the big battalions" (A.M Riche -1777) how come that all the big empires have collapsed? And the glory and grandeur of some of them is only in the dust and ruins?

Another danger resulting from alliances is that they create positions of power, aggrandisement and wealth. Power tends to corrupt. Brussels churns out all kinds of edicts on all kinds of subjects. The officers are handsomely remunerated and enjoy liberal perks, and what positions of power will be created when the Union is really up and running is anyone's guess. They will of course be looking for a President Supremo.

The most serious danger from the Christian viewpoint is that in all merely humanistic institutions man will be exalted rather than God. He usually gets side-lined. The arrogance of Babel was evident when the builders said, "Let us make brick... let us build... let us make a name" (4). All this reminds the student of Scripture of its seriousness. All great alliances and unions whether political or commercial are preparing the way for anti-Christ - the world's final human dictator. World control for him will not be difficult. He merely wins, cajoles or commands the obedience of the leaders of these institutions, and hey presto! they will be like clay in his hands.(5)

This leader will not appear with hoof, horns and tail; that would be too obvious. He will come on to the scene as a super efficient President; clever, considerate and winsome, bringing all the answers. The entire scheme will be a gesture to forestall the coming universal reign of our Lord Jesus Christ Who has promised to return.(6)

When that happens all secular and godless systems will be terminated. The Scripture states, "Associate yourselves, O you people, and you will be broken in pieces; take counsel together and it will come to nothing"(7). There is a verse in an old hymn which encapsulates the great and final triumph of righteousness. It goes:

"So be it Lord Thy throne shall never
Like earth's proud empires pass away
Thy kingdom stands and grows for ever
Till all Thy creatures own its sway".

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