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Euro Ethics... continued


When Jesus was on earth, His people Israel were under the Overlordship of the Roman Empire, and one day members of the sect known as Pharisees (who were by no means sympathetic to His cause) enquired somewhat subtly if it was lawful to pay tribute to Caesar. (1) He replied by asking for the sight of a coin and then asking whose inscription was on it. "Caesar's" was the answer and they then realised that the currency gave the clue as to who was governing them. In Britain we carry around the image of the Queen on our money whereby we acknowledge that our allegiance is to her and her government,

The acceptance of another currency would mark a water-shed in our national history, because it would be more than the change of design, or even a more convenient method of exchange. It would mean the transfer of allegiance to an authority outside our national jurisdiction.

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Euro Ethics
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But what will be the consequences
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Inherent Dangers 

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