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Euro Ethics... continued


A currency conversion means more than the carrying of different coins or banknotes in our purses. It will involve a severe diminution of our national sovereignty, because our allegiance and responsibilities will be to an outside Body in Brussels.

Co-operation and trading with Europe is one thing, but ceding our sovereignty is an entirely different ball game. The majority of British people did not dream that the simple agreement made in 1956, would eventually evolve into the setting up of a monolithic political structure over which a European Parliament would reign supreme. As a matter of fact they were promised that this would not be so.

Aleady some of our Laws have been altered by the adoption of the European Bill of Human Rights, some of which are quite unacceptable to Christians. There are evangelical Churches on the continent which are now being regarded as cults. The recognition of same -sex marriages is under review and one wonders if such a law was passed, what the position of a Christian minister would be if he was asked to perform such a wedding ceremony. If he refused he would most likely be charged with discrimination. Conscience would not be considered, and principle would be criminalized. Talk about the Moral Maze!

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