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By Keith W. Munday

Confidentiality is an important factor in human relationships. It involves the keeping of certain information by persons or parties who alone have the right to it, and to no other except it be given with the holder's prior permission.

It has assumed a new dimension in a world of communications explosion on global terms as so much information is available to millions at the touch of a button on the Internet. Privacy can easily be invaded.

Everyone has the right to their own personal space and this upholds the value and dignity of the individual, whether it concerns one's health, finances, political affiliation, religious persuasion or general life-style.

There may be times however when confidentiality must be waived if illegal actions are involved, such as conspiracies or behaviour prejucidial to society or anything that would threaten the safety, well-being or even the life of others. We will note this later.

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The confidentiality of celebrities
The data protection act
Can confidentiality be breached?
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