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Child Abuse....continued


Cases of sexual abuse came to light in the 1980s. They pose a very delicate problem. Children have been accused of fantasising; and in some cases it has been alledged that memories have been planted in victims minds (maybe unwittingly) of child abuse, which involved quite innocent parents. The debate about recovered memories and false memory syndrome continues but for more information see Surviving Together: The Memory Debate

It is well documented that false allegations of sexual abuse have been made and also that many cases never go to court because of lack of evidence or fear. Where sexual abuse has taken place the child may be too terrified to tell.

Less common are cases of ritual or satanic abuse, although they have taken place. Such cases have been discovered and exposed in other countries, however there is in the UK a section of society which choses to deny such evidence in the assetion that there is no such thing as ritual or satanic abuse. For more information see Surviving Together: Ritual Satanic Abuse and the role of Evil Spirits

Recently more Paedophilic rings have also been uncovered and more prosecution have taken place, but it is true to say that sexual abuse can be more easily hidden than physical abuse.

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