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By Keith W. Munday

0ne of the things that democratic states boast about is their liberty and freedom. Freedom to follow one's own life-style and beliefs. Freedom of movement, and particularly - and we love to repeat it - the freedom of the Press. This in principle includes all kinds of publishing, not only in print but also in films and plays etc.

All this however calls for responsibility; it needs guidelines, and where necessary laws, because democracy also stands for freedom under law.

A motorist for instance is free to use the roads from one end of the country to the other if he so desires. But that's not the whole story. He must obey certain laws, which are not given to impede his journey but rather to safeguard him and other users of the road. His vehicle must be road-worthy and taxed. He must be appropriately insured and hold a driving licence, and that's all before he starts. He then become subject to all the traffic laws en route.

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What is Blasphemy? a legal position
What is Blasphemy? a biblical position
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