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Brainwashing and Indoctrination ...continued


In the same book Sargent also looks at the American evangelist Billy Graham's methods of preaching. He comments, "it is unlikely that that Dr. Graham will have the same sort of success as John Wesley, If only because he does not attempt to consolidate his gains by such an efficient follow-up system". Those who attend his meetings are impressed with the care with which he avoids the mention of hell - one of Wesley's powerful conversion methods - but Graham is aware that the fear of hell has not been completely laid, and, should he use the familiar revivalist technique: "The Salvation plane is due to leave Harringay (where the stadium was situated) at 3.30 sharp ... which of you sinners will be waiting at the barrier to catch it?" He would probably not describe the fire and brimstone but content himself with "you'd better hurry folks .. or else". Graham did induce fear when talking about the hydrogen bomb. and in a strangely prophetic statement when he said, "The greatest sin of America is our disregard for God. God may allow Russia to destroy America, and when I see a beautiful city such as New York, I have a visions of crumbling buildings and dust. I keep having the feeling that God will allow something to fall on us in a way I don't anticipate unless we return to Him". (This was spoken 40 years before 9/11 -Editor).

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