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Brainwashing and Indoctrination ...continued


Brainwashing and Indoctrination have put in an appearance during the last fifty years or so, and are now well-known as cases have been reported and documented in the public domain. Even people of reputed intelligence have been subjected to these methods and their minds have been changed against their better judgement and will.

The methodology would appear to have developed from certain experiments that Russian Nobel Laureate in Psychiatry - Ivan Petrov Pavlov made on the behaviour of dogs. It was on the occasion when his laboratory was flooded. This caused great trauma and panic among the canines, but later, when Pavlov conducted further experiments in a new laboratory he noticed that their fears had vanished. The trauma also seemed to have blocked their memories of the past and made them susceptible to new treatments,

Pavlov then proceeded to consider whether the same mechanism would work on the human psyche, e.g if persons could be traumatised, could it cause them to forget former responses and clear the mind for new ideas .. indoctrination.

Brainwashing was used in the various Trials in the Soviet Union in 1936, and also in World war 2 by the Nazis in Germany. It was aimed to effect confessions and the betrayal of loyalties, often involving cruel tactics such as denying sleep, exposing the victims to bright lights or making them stand up for long periods of time. The Chinese government also used brainwashing during the Korean war of 1950-1953 when prisoners were pressured into making confessions.

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