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Brainwashing and Indoctrination ...continued


We all hold to certain principles, ideas, theories and beliefs whether they are philosophical, political or religious, and there are always 'evangelists' around to persuade us to their way of thinking.

These activities are always going on, and they are mostly in quite legitimate ways. They can be by advertisement, TV commercial, an enthusiastic friend or a powerful speaker. But even these seemingly harmless methods can sometimes exert an undue pressure on some people if they are continued for some time, particularly when the proponents are skilled in the sales technique.

Generally one is able to cope with the situation by privately and rationally weighing up what is being offered, and many have been glad to receive new ideas or a product if that is what's on offer. Others who are perhaps a little more gullible have parted with money which they have not seen again. They have been conned.

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Brainwashing and Indoctrination
Legitimate Persuasion
Sinister Persuasion
Religious Persuasion
Billy Graham's methods also assessed
The Philosophy of Fear 

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