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Alcoholism and its effects...continued


1. We must recognise alcohol's potential danger. It has become something of a joke, even in Christian circles, and many are drinkers. It is a drug, and the habit can become addictive. All alcoholics began with the first glass! Although the Bible does not forbid the taking of alcohol, it does condemn drunkenness, and often there is a fine line between the two.

2. A Christian does have a responsibility in the way of example, and older Christians should be role models for the younger(7).

3. In view of the mass of evidence showing the damage that is being done in so many areas of our national life, Christians should think seriously about their response. In the book of Numbers(8), when a person took the Nazarite vow, they voluntarily and willingly abstained from anything connected with the vine as a demonstration of their devotion to God. All things may be lawful, but not always expedient.

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