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Alcoholism and its effects...continued


The statistics shown above are supplied by Alcohol Concern and show very clearly that we have a national problem with alcohol, and it is getting worse.

The Bible has a lot to say about wine, both for and against. It can be safely assumed that it refers to it as an intoxicant, from possibly a light wine to raging strong drink. The reference Jesus made to appropriate wine-skins indicated the potency of alcohol to burst them. There is an exception in the book of Genesis where Pharaoh's butler pressed the grapes into the cup, which meant that the juice was not fermented.

In Bible days wine was a popular beverage, but there are still warnings of its abuse. It brought benefits and curses. It gladdened the heart, but also caused the mind to err(1). It made for merriment but also for anger(2). Drunkenness is consistently condemned(3). Because Jesus drank wine He was dubbed a wine-bibber (which was a critical exaggeration). He did turn water into wine at Cana - His first miracle. The Apostle Paul recommened a little wine for physical ailment(4). Samson and John the Baptist abstained from it altogether. The Old Testament priests were strictly forbidden it when they entered the tabernacle(5). Some restrictions also applied to New Testament ministers(6).

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