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Abortion continued....


Pro-life supporters should not just protest. There is need for Advice centres to counsel all women contemplating abortion if they request it. This should also include those who have had abortions, because many of these have not been able to come to terms with themselves either through guilt or remorse.

Christian counselling can assure such of God's love for them, the offer of forgiveness and the chance of a fresh start. All advice should be given in a sensitive and compassionate way realising the emotional turmoil they may be going through.

The pro-life lobby should not be silent. They should clearly show their members of Parliament their concern, and use the Press and other media to press the argument. Church-goers should seek to enlist their ministers to support them. Women should be made aware of all the options open to them when considering abortion. To borrow the Prime minister's slogan (when getting active in pro-life work) it's "education, education, education".

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1. Some scientific and Christian perspectives concerning human birth and abortion

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